There’s plenty to think about with regard to appliances.  Whether it be an attractive range cooker, a steam oven, a coffee machine, a stylish wine cooler or a new dishwasher, we can recommend the optimal appliance for your requirements.

In the design of your kitchen you will want to consider whether to opt for freestanding or integrated appliances, or a combination of the two. The appliances you choose can be incorporated into your design and quotation.  We can source them for you from a wide range of brands.

Featured Appliances

…from time spent with Kelly to design a kitchen to our requirements, to the thorough care Gary takes in his work, Precision Kitchens are an excellent local business.

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Boiling Water Tap

If you’re looking for a boiling water tap, we have just the thing!

Check out the innovative Quooker Flex, launched in 2017.  This boiling water tap has a flexible pull-out hose, and a boiling water stop.  It’s safe, functional and funky!

We are an approved retailer for the full collection of Quooker Boiling Water Taps.

Get in contact to find out more.

Induction Hob

These highly efficient electric hobs require the use of iron pans.

There is a copper coil magnet under the glass hob top. When the pan comes into contact with the surface, electromagnetic energy passes directly in to the pan, inducing a heat releasing current.  The heat is adjustable and ceases when the pan is removed.

Pyrolytic Oven

There are two types of self cleaning oven, with pyrolytic the more popular choice than those fitted with catalytic liners.

The pyrolytic self-cleaning function heats the oven to over 450ºC, leaving only ash residue to be cleared away once the process is finished.

Downdraft Extractor Fan

Don’t feel limited on where your hob can be installed based on the options for an extractor hood.

We recommend a stylish, space saving downdraft extractor.  It is really neat!

Take a look at this one, which we installed in a converted cowshed!