Link corridor from old rendered cottage to brick built outhouse

This fantastic old rendered cottage in Horton-cum-Studley, Oxfordshire gave us a challenge in more ways than one!

Its quirky shape and limited access (no vehicles can get to the back of the property so everything would be done by hand…) told us all we needed to know about the requirements of this project – it had to be bespoke!

We erected a party wall between the existing cottage and the neighbouring property, which is undergoing renovations.  This formed one side of our corridor build, a construction designed to link the cottage with the much newer outbuilding.

The existing raised clay drains meant we had to create a floor structure to bridge the footing, in turn requiring us to consider the corridor ceiling height. 

We had to raise the rear roofline of the cottage, and it was agreed with the neighbours that they would continue the roofline on their property. 

The corridor itself is closed in with a custom sized aluminium window made in a black frame, allowing light into the walkway. 

To complete the works, we knocked a doorway into the outbuilding and fitted a bifold oak door.